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Reward Points
reward points

The SinaLite Reward Points Program allows you to earn points for certain actions you take on the site. Points are awarded based on making purchases and customer actions such as registering for our newsletter.

Benefits of Reward Points for Registered Customers

Once you register you will be able to earn and accrue reward points, which are then redeemable at time of purchase towards the cost of your order. Rewards are an added bonus to your shopping experience on the site and just one of the ways we thank you for being a loyal customer.

As a bonus, each customer starts with 100 points upon registering their SinaLite account.


Eligible Orders

All orders placed on SinaLite.com through your SinaLite Reseller account qualify to receive points. Points will be earned based on the before tax and shipping dollar value generated on the SinaLite website. The points only apply to orders that have been fully completed and paid for.

Please note that SinaLite reserves the right to adjust any users SinaLite points at any time. This includes points credited in error or points earned through unauthorized means.

Points will not be credited for the following:

  • Cancelled orders
  • Refunded orders
  • Shipping/Handling fees
  • Applicable Taxes
  • Orders which have used another special SinaLite offer unless otherwise noted

Earning Points

For every eligible dollar you spend on an order, you will accrue one point. For example, if the total cost of your order is $100.00 (not including tax and shipping), you will receive 100 points.

If the total cost is not a full dollar value (i.e. $100.00) number of points earned is rounded down to 100.

You can also earn 100 bonus points by subscribing to SinaLite’s newsletter.

Redeeming your Reward Points

You can redeem your reward points at checkout. If you have accumulated enough points to redeem them you will have the option of using points as one of the payment methods. The option to use reward points, as well as your balance and the monetary equivalent this balance, will be shown to you in the Payment Method area of the checkout. Redeemable reward points can be used in conjunction with other payment methods such as credit cards.

The choice to redeem points for a particular order is final and cannot be reversed.

Managing your Reward Points

You have the ability to view and manage your points by clicking on the Reward Points link at the very top of SinaLite.com. You will be able to view your total points (and currency equivalent) and a cumulative history of points acquired, redeemed and lost.

Expiration of Points

Reward points will expire 1 year (365 days) from the day they are earned. For example, if you earn 100 points today, that 100 points will expire within 1 year.

You can sign up to receive email notifications each time your balance changes when you either earn, redeem or lose points, as well as point expiration notifications. This option is found in the Reward Points section of the My Account area.

Transferability / Prohibitions / Account Termination

Points earned are to be used only by the customer and cannot be combined with points from any other accounts.

SinaLite reserves the right to cancel or suspend any rewards account for any violations of the Rewards Program's Terms and Conditions or rules. Suspension or cancellation will result in a loss of all accrued points. The unauthorized use of any account will lead to the termination of that Rewards account and its corresponding SinaLite Reseller Account.

Modifications to Program

We reserve the right to change the rules, rewards or Terms and conditions of the SinaLite Rewards program at any time without notice.

Issues with Account

Please note that it is the accountholder's responsibility to confirm that points have been earned for orders that are placed. If there any inconsistencies with orders placed and the number points earned, please let us know within 10 days of placing the order by emailing support@sinalite.com .

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