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Wholesale Printing
for printers, resellers, and distributors

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SinaLite is one of North America's leading trade printers exclusively catering to the needs of printers, print resellers and distributors.

  1. Can you ensure on-time delivery of my orders?
    • We have a team of over 140 employees, including production staff and engineers, dedicated to ensuring that your print orders go out on time.

      Our distribution network can reach over 100 million people in the United States within 1 - 2 days with ground shipping. For more time-critical orders, we offer Expedited and Express shipping services so that you can receive your order as fast as the next day.

  2. Do I have to pay any additional costs?
  3. How do you package and ship my order? Will it reach me in good condition?
    • Since we ship as far as Hawaii and Alaska, we take special precautions in packaging our orders to ensure the product you receive is damage free. We take the same precautions in all packages within the United States, no matter the destination.

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  4. Do I have to complete any paperwork?
    • No paperwork is required. Our shipping department will take care of everything to ensure you get your order on time.

  5. How can I save on shipping?
    • We offer group shipping automatically for SinaLite products. This option saves you 40% on shipping costs when you order multiple items. Group shipping takes all of your jobs ordered within the same shopping cart, and consolidates them into a single shipment. You only need to pay shipping costs for a single, larger shipment instead of multiple smaller shipments, which significantly reduces the cost. Please note that under group shipping, your orders are only shipped out once every job within the same shopping cart is complete.

  6. Do you blind ship? Privacy is important to me.
    • Yes, we do. Shipping labels do not have our name, address or any other indicators that could be traced back to SinaLite.

  7. How do you process payments?
    • Payments are securely processed via credit card or PayPal (your choice) in US dollars.

  8. How long does it take for you to receive my orders?
    • Instantly. When you place your order on our website, we receive your specifications and artwork files right away.

      Our professional Prepress Team will preflight your file to ensure that your artwork is print ready. If there are any issues with your file, we will notify you via email as soon as possible. You will have the option to submit a new file at no additional cost.

      When your order has been shipped out, you will receive an email notification with your tracking number.

  9. Why should I choose SinaLite over another trade printer?
    • We are committed to helping print resellers like you succeed. That is our number one goal.

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