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Why Brochures Are Important To Your Business

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Why Brochures Are Important To Your Business

By Robert Trench on November 15, 2017

With the various ways to market a business through digital means today, is there still value in creating and distributing brochures? The answer is a resounding yes. While your online site, social media pages, and other digital marketing components are vital, a brochure stands to be just as essential in representing your brand.

Brochures are indispensable pieces of writing that inform customers about products and services. Most importantly, it places your marketing message directly into their hands, and when done effectively, will keep them thinking of you. Here are just some of the reasons why you should be using brochures.

Making A Great First Impression


Whether distributed within your place of business or given out at a conference or tradeshow, a brochure serves to foreground the most important aspects of your company and everything that the customer needs to know right off the bat.

Expanding Your Company’s Reach


It may feel like a grassroots approach, but brochures will likely be received the most by local residents around your base of operations. This can serve as a huge benefit; the need to support local businesses is strong in many communities, and if you are able to provide strong customer service, you will likely see a word of mouth effect spread. For these reasons, be creative when it comes to finding ways for your brochures to get into the hands of your intended clientele.


Demonstrating Success


If your company has received accolades within your industry, or has been involved in any community efforts, a brochure is a great way to display that side of your operations. Not only does it reinforce professionalism, it shows potential customers that you are a strong, steadfast, and successful company.

Beyond all of this, it’s important that your brochure sends exactly the message you intend towards your customer base. Collaborating with a good graphic designer can be a major advantage, in creating the right visual schema and content to reach the right audience.

Your brochure should feature a great design, and brief copy meant to incite interest. Some examples of this include favorable messaging about your company, a brief history or introduction to how things started, why you care about the industry, what goods and services you provide, and most importantly, an idea of what potential customers can expect to see from you.

Be sure to include your contact information on the brochure where appropriate, whether it’s your email, phone number, website, or professional address.

If you want to expand your business’s reach and don’t currently use brochures, definitely consider adding them to your repertoire. When done correctly, they can do wonders in selling your company.


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