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Metallic Foil Presentation folder 14PT cardstock

Metallic Foil Presentation folder

14PT cardstock

Elevate your professional image with our Presentation Folder featuring raised metallic foil. Choose from silver or gold foil on the front cover for a luxurious touch. Organize and protect your important documents with its durable construction and spacious pockets. Make a lasting impression with our sophisticated and attention-grabbing presentation folder. Please note that this product will require manual approval before we can proceed to production

Presentation Folders 14PT + Metallic Foil Finish

Paper Type

14PT Gloss C2S Stock


Metallic Foil Finish


Full color CMYK: 1 Sided (4/0), 2 Sided (4/4)


100- 500

9" x 12" - 3 Inch Pocket 9" x 12" - 4 Inch Pocket

Gold Foil, Trim, Diecut, Fold and glue and box

File Type

Print Ready PDF file

Special Instructions

Please provide area that needs metallic Foil as a separate PDF, that is 100K Black only. Please also insure that there is no artwork under the foil section.

Pocket Types

Pocket Types

Step 1

Step 1

Ensure the file matches the product's required dimensions. Ensure that the artwork is created in CMYK 300 dpi with 1/16 inch bleeds on all sides.

Step 2

Step 2

Separate artwork into two files: one is for foil lamination, for which the artwork's color should be set to 100% black. Another file should be in the CMYK color space for artwork that is not foil printed.

Step 3

Step 3

Export all files into PDF format with bleeds.

Important Instructions
For best results, we strongly recommend you ensure the following to avoid delays and/or unexpected print results.
  1. Supply fonts larger than 8pt
  2. Use sans serif fonts
  3. Please keep foil design away from creases, folds and edges
  4. Avoid having artwork underneath the foil areas (i.e. using a mask instead)
  5. Avoid areas of heavy foil coverage with small/fine (non-foil) text or linework knocked out, as there is a tendency for these to fill in.
  6. CAUTION: Our foil machine manufacturer does not recommend extending the foil design to the trimmed edge of the card, as there would be a high possibility of the foil peeling off along the trimmed edges. There should be at least a 5mm foil-free area around the edges. If you supply foil files with full bleed, please note our automation will automatically apply a 5 mm gap (from the trim edge) on your foil files to prevent the risks of the trimmed edges lifting/peeling. The non-foiled gap area may be visible along the edges as a result. It is best to avoid full bleed on your foil files for the above reasons.
Special Instructions

Please submit two PDF files:

  1. Regular full color artwork
  2. Metallic Foil template indicating the area of the Metallic Foil

On template file, indicate area of Metallic Foil by using 100% K. Non Foil areas should be white. For best results, ensure this file is vector.

If ordering a 4/4 job with Metallic Foil on only one side, please ensure that page 1 of your artwork is the Foil side

Coverage Instructions

Enhance your product with our customizable foil coverage options. Foil coverage refers to the percentage of your product's surface area adorned with a captivating metallic finish. Choose from three options: 1-25%, 26-40%, and 41-75%. Select the coverage that suits your style, whether you prefer a subtle touch or a bold statement. Elevate your product with a touch of opulence and radiance by opting for the perfect foil coverage.

How to Prepare Your Files

Download Setup Guide

Get It Now
How to set up multi-page files properly

File Orientation Guide

Learn More
How to set up proper orientation for your files

File Orientation refers to the orientation of the artwork files submitted. Ensure that they are submitted to back up properly to produce the intended result.

Flat Artwork (Postcards, Flyers etc.)

File Orientation

How To Set Up Your Files

Learn More
Learn how to set up your files the right way.

General File Preparation Guidelines

  1. Download our guides to ensure a more optimal print result.
  2. Be sure to DELETE any hidden layers that are not intended to print (ie: setup guide layers or other hidden artwork layers) to ensure no risk of them appearing on the final print.
  3. Each job (including multiple paged projects) must be submitted as a single PDF file. Ensure that all pages are the same size.
  4. Files must be submitted with proper orientation to ensure proper back up. Please review the File Orientation Guides carefully in the File Prep tabs for your particular product.
  5. It is best to try to avoid using borders in your design. If a border is too close to the trim, the trim may be slightly off-center.
  6. File must consist of 1/8" bleed and all important art and text must be within the safety margin. The more safety margin the better (to avoid awkwardly close trims or having critical elements from getting cut off).
  7. Ensure that your PDF is high res and that all images are CMYK at 300 DPI.
  8. Black text/type should have the following values: C0, M0, Y0, K100.
    Larger areas of black coverage should be C:30/M:20/Y:20/K:100 to get a deep richer black. (For more info, click here)
  9. Embed or outline all fonts.
  10. For best colour results, supply a CMYK only file (unless your product type specifically requires RGB color mode or specifically requires you to supply PMS colors).
See our Support Center for more details.


Common Issues

Learn More
How to avoid common file issues

How to ensure proper orientation/backup

Why bleed is necessary for print

Why you should avoid border designs

How to set up dielines

Why safety margins are necessary for print

How to create transparent PNG files


Please note: the Customer is responsible for all approvals and regulatory compliance. SinaLite is a printing company and does not approve labels nor review the content for regulatory compliance.

If your account has Auto approval enabled, your order will be auto approved within 1 hour of order being placed. Unless the file is rejected, in this case you will receive a rejection email.

Upon placing an order, you will receive a confirmation email stating that the order has been successfully placed.


After processing your order, our prepress team will review your artwork and run automated checks to ensure its print readiness. Once completed, our automated system will send you a link. This link allows you to approve the file to proceed, make changes to the file, or put the order on hold.

Caution Caution

In the event that your order has been rejected, you will receive an email notifying you of the rejection. You'll have the option to upload new artwork, place the order on hold, or cancel the order.