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unaddressed admail

Direct Mail Postcard - UnAddressed Admail

  14pt + AQ


Unaddressed Admail is an effective way for your customers and your clients to make people aware of their business, services and products. With Addressed Admail, your advertisement reaches businesses and/or households within a certain geographic area.

Whereas addressed admail relies on your own list of leads, unaddressed admail expands your potential leads to individuals whose contact information you do not already have.

Why Unaddressed Admail?
- Reach potential customers in areas closest to business
- Boost awareness and generate leads

Simply choose a target address, and Canada Post will deliver your mailers to potential customers within the postal route of that address.

Direct Mail Details

Paper Type

95 Bright 14pt C2S Stock



No Coating



Full color CMYK: 2 sided (4/4)



Ranges from 500 to 25,000



4"x6", 8.5"x5.5", 4"x9", 8.5"x3.66", 5"x7", 6"x9", 6"x11"


Cut to size, bundled and delivered to Canada Post



5 – 7 Business Days


File Type

Print Ready PDF file


Special Instructions

  -  Must be UnAddressed admail
  -  Direct mail pieces will be submitted to Canada Post
     for approval. Direct mail artwork will not proceed into
     production until we receive approval from Canada Post


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Unaddressed Postcard