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Why You Should Send Holiday Greeting Cards (with Infographic)

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Why You Should Send Holiday Greeting Cards (with Infographic)

By Robert Trench on October 10, 2017


The holiday shopping season is only a few weeks away, a time of year where spreading seasonal cheer is customary for most businesses.

An increase in customer traffic is prominent in these select few weeks, which will undoubtedly lead to new and prospective clients and opportunities to finesse new professional relationships.

It's because of this reason that sending out special holiday cards is never a bad idea, especially to those who hold important relationships to you.

Sending cards through the mail is an age old practice that hasn't yet lost its lustre, even in the era of e-cards. Here are a range of benefits and suggestions to consider should you decide to wish your own customers well when the time comes.


Benefits of Snail Mail

Email greetings, while easy to create and send, are not as effective as receiving a real printed message, and can be deleted by mistake or wind up in a spam folder without having ever be seen. Physical cards have the benefit of leaving a lasting impression, and letting others know you're thinking of them.


Investment Opportunities

To some, sending out postcards can seem like a waste of time, especially when going over your business's annual budget as many do come December. However, it can't be overstated that people want to do business with those who value them and make them feel important, not just during the holidays but throughout the year. They are a great way to keep customers thinking of you that can pay off in the long run.


Communicates Appreciation

Receiving a personalized holiday postcard lets customers know they are special to your business, and conveys a personal message that will help guide customer loyalty.


Strengthens Relationships

No matter the business type, clients appreciate their interactions with companies over and above the actual products and services they pay for. More than an acknowledgement of your working relationship, it can even serve as a friendly gesture.


Markets Business to New Clients

By putting your name out there through this method, it shows to potential clients that you are willing to pursue higher goals with extra effort, especially given the busy nature of the holiday season itself.


Helps You Stay Organized

Admittedly, creating packaging and sending cards may take up a bit of your time but considering the benefits that can be reaped, it's certainly worth doing.


Mail In A Timely Manner

A late card feels like an afterthought in most circumstances. Customers can be hard to please and if they get their holiday card after the intended date has passed, they are likely to share disappointment. Don't let your good intentions turn into a bad reputation, try and have all your cards send by December 10th especially if some need to travel a far away distance.


Personalize Your Cards

Each card should be personalized by name/description and addressed to a specific individual. 1-2 sentences is all it takes, otherwise your card resemble the millions of generic offerings sent at the end of the year.

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