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How To Sell Wall Calendars


How To Sell Wall Calendars

By Robert Trench on November 7, 2017

Wall Calendars can be an excellent revenue generator during the busy holiday season. They are a cost-effective marketing tool, that can keep you on your clients' minds over the next year. Even better, they grant a timely excuse to reach out to both current and potential customers.

Now is the best time of the year to consider adding wall calendars to your marketing repertoire. People usually begin taking orders for calendars in early November. This is to make sure they are produced and shipped in time for the oncoming year. Don't wait until the last minute, as timing here is critical! Here are the reasons why wall calendars can provide a serious branding benefit for your company.

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An Amazing Marketing Tool

You may wonder how a basic wall calendar could work as a marketing tool, over something more trendy. Consider the following reasons that a wall calendar has appeal:

  • People tend to remember things better when they physically write it down, as opposed to typing it in on a computer or other device.
  • Calendars are useful for checking (and double-checking) information, scheduling appointments and meetings, and of course, enjoying artwork.
  • Businesses need items to hang on their office walls, which is where a calendar definitely comes in handy.

There are many ways to share your marketing message on a calendar, some more direct than others:

  • Including clippable coupons that promote monthly/time-specific offers.
  • Utilizing artwork that relates to what your business offers or the messaging that factors into your marketing
  • Foregrounding prominent dates, holidays, and even events for your business

Most importantly, your wall calendar should be treated as a piece of marketing, beyond anything else. Your logo, website, and social media sites should all factor into your designs. Through even this small measure, you have the possibility of attracting new business.

Still As Relevant as Ever

Some might think wall calendars are an outdated item, given the range of digital methods to maintain our schedules today. Though many of us use our devices for such purposes on a daily basis, the wall calendar is still useful in the office and in our personal lives. Keeping track of team meetings and other company activities is where they come in handy.

Design Inspiration

What does your business provide? This should be the main inspiration behind your calendar's theme. If you're unsure how to create a year's worth of imagery, make use of various social media and image-based websites to get ideas. Pick 12 photos that fit your business and could entice potential clients to think of what you offer. Remember - the point of your calendar is not to inundate potential clients with ads, but remind them of business's connection to your community. 

Try to create a product that will encourage users to think of your brand. Listening to your clients will help to improve your calendars over time. Since this is a yearly product, learning a thing or two should be something you actively pursue. Calendars are useful and with the right design, both attractive and relevant. When done well, your customers are likely to prominently display and use them.

Calendars can even generate direct sales with strategically placed coupons and coupon codes. Will you have coupons or special deals on your calendar for potential clients? If you feel that too many coupons or promotions might be hurtful, try these instead:

  • Offer a small incentive for new clients only, such as a discount on a product or order.
  • If your company is hosting an upcoming event, provide the opportunity to attend by including a free ticket.
  • Use the famous strategy of 'buy one item and receive another item at equal/lesser price for a discount'

Wall calendars make useful marketing tools and offer the opportunity to be creative. Don't let your customers' walls go bare when your branding could decorate it instead.

Check out the various types of wall calendars that SinaLite has to offer below!

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One thought on “How To Sell Wall Calendars”

  • workaholic mom

    Of course a wall calendar is still useful, I use mine a lot in addition to my digital devices. I usually get a photo calendar from my children with pictures of them, so it has also a relaxing component to it, just drifting off shortly and looking at their pictures.

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