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Issues Facing the Print Industry and How to Overcome Them

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Issues Facing the Print Industry and How to Overcome Them

By Robert Trench on October 24, 2017

The competitive nature of the print industry is rife with several obstacles, for both new companies and those with years of experience. The ability to offer competitive pricing, custom print options, and thoroughly personalized jobs has led many companies to overhaul their output  to retain their marketplace position.

As the market is constantly in flux and upgrading to the latest technologies and processes, having an idea of what factors to consider when implementing new measures is very important. Being able to gauge the wants, needs, and desires of clientele goes a long way in retaining high sales and increasing the customer base.

Below you will find just some of the key areas to take note of when crafting a long term strategy.


Adapting to "the new economy"

The greatest change that has occurred within recent years is in consumer preferences. 'Services' have taken precedence over providing products and subscriptions. Today, customers are more motivated to do business with companies which enable variability, catering to a level of quality and quantity based around what they require. With customization, customers can get exactly what they need, no more or less, delivering a healthy relationship going forward.

Digital transformation

In a world where digital reigns supreme, from marketing to support services, there has been talk that print in itself is on its way out. The truth is far from that supposition - paper and print continue to remain integral to a boundless number of companies. Print suppliers have found themselves in a lucrative position to connect print and digital in ways that can complement each other and lead to powerful results.

Expanding print services

The sky is the limit for print processes. Printers continue to make new products and services available every year, with no signs of slowing down. Research shows that most people retain information more effectively when information is delivered via printed material versus an online interface. This gives a major incentive for companies to look at how they can devise new offerings in their inventory to benefit their range of clients.

With such dramatic shifts that have taken place within the print industry over the last few years, printing companies must continue to innovate their processes. Only through adapting to such concerns and issues will they be able to retain marketplace visibility and make an impact.



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