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The Best Ways to Wish Your Customers a Happy Thanksgiving


The Best Ways to Wish Your Customers a Happy Thanksgiving

By Robert Trench on October 6, 2017

The upcoming Thanksgiving holiday is celebrated by nearly everyone across the country.  Beyond the turkey and the pumpkin pie, Thanksgiving is meant to be a time for reflection and appreciating the things we value most in our lives. It is also about appreciating the people who have made a difference to us, whether it be significant or small. It makes for a great occasion for small businesses to send a word of thanks to their customers, nothing too fanciful but a demonstration that they are valued.

All customers are receptive to a business they support reaching out and acknowledging them. Being able to show that you are as grateful for their support as they are for your goods and services can go a long way as a gesture of goodwill.

Here are the best methods and practices to take hold of when exchanging a greeting with your customers this holiday.

A Nicely Worded Email


happy thanksgiving, send customers emailShowing gratitude around the holidays is a common custom and many businesses often take it upon themselves to thank customers with special emails and promotions.

Smart brands thank customers with these emails at least once a year, the approaching holidays are a popular time to do it. There are plenty of ways to say thank you. In the subject line, mention phrases like 'thank you', 'special', and 'gift', and remember to put the customer front and center.

A Personal Phone Call


Yes, emails are more indicative of the modern age, but receiving a person-to-person phone call that enables you to communicate with someone in real time will really set you apart from the competition.

This can be a great idea to implement for your top shelf clients, or even regular ones depending on the size of your base. Try not to simply leave a voicemail if they aren’t there, as the immediacy of the conversation is the key touch point of the entire interaction.

Promotional Cards or Gifts


As an added step, consider sending a small physical token of appreciation via a personalized card or gift.

Don't go out of your way with this gesture, simply try to organize it in such a way that gets them to think more fondly of you. It can be as simple as a branded bookmark, magnet, or even a coffee mug - try and be creative with deciding on a product that has a guaranteed frequent usability to it.

Don't Forget About Your Employees


happy thanksgiving, thank employeesThe biggest thank you should be reserved for your staff. Without these talented, hard working people your business would not be where it is today.

A healthy and happy staff is one that feels appreciated, so take the time to say thank you and acknowledge their loyalty and daily efforts.

Share with us the ways you like to say thanks below!

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