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B2B Marketing Tips for The Year Ahead

B2B Strategy

B2B Marketing Tips for The Year Ahead

By Robert Trench on December 13, 2017

It's hard to believe that only a few weeks remain in 2017, as projects pile up and the mad rush to meet deadlines becomes hectic. A great way to prepare for the coming year is by revitalizing your marketing strategy and anticipating the various trends which make for a huge advantage to your operations.

Marketing Automation

The ability to automate repetitive tasks and guide prospects with content they appreciate and look forward to is key to several businesses in the buying journey.

The technology itself still has a long way to go, but marketers are determined to explore the range of potential that can be offered, to communicate with customers in this way. The idea behind marketing automation has more to do with helping to finesse customers than actively sell to them, but in the long run it is beneficial for streamlining your inbound marketing and enhancing communication by providing the content your prospects need at the right time.

Content Marketing

Content marketing has emerged to become a major means of nurturing and acquiring leads in the B2B world. As the customer journey becomes more complex and spread out, businesses have taken it upon themselves to research the various stages of the customer lifecycle to get a better sense of how to appeal to them. Content marketing is highly effective for marketers to teach customers about best industry practices.


To make your content initiative effective, aside from having a documented content strategy, it is vital to measure content marketing ROI as well. Set the goals you want to achieve through content marketing and measure them through KPIs. Although content marketing is cheaper, it’s not certainly free. To measure ROI, you need to calculate the cost of content production and editing. You’ll also need to measure various factors like traffic, brand awareness and customer engagement that you acquired through content marketing along with sales and revenue.

Content Customization

Web content customization is a common tactic with the B2C industry, though the B2B industry has been slow to adopt - surprising given how common custom emails is throughout both industries.

While web content personalization is a well-established marketing tactic among B2C websites, B2B businesses are still slow to adopt it. That’s quite surprising because personalization of emails is a common tactic across all industries.

A lack of resources, technology and data were cited as the reasons behind why B2B hasn't gotten on board with content customization.  Effectiveness of content personalization strategy is resoundingly high for those who have adopted it.

Real time one-on-one personalization is becoming more affordable for small companies, It helps you to advance marketing initiatives and provide personalized experience via customer demographics.

It goes without saying, in order to make your content initiative enticing in 2018, you need to provide dynamic content on your website.

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